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Car Oil Change Services

Oil / Fluid checking & replace is an important and necessary work for a vehichle, low levels of either oil or fluid can lead to engine or parts problems if left unchecked and might danger your driving safety.
We always offer general car repair & maintenance services in our workshop, we will inspect these items and change it as needed. 
if you not sure how to check or change for it, please do bring your vehicles to visit our workshop for details inspection.
Here is some checklist for oils or fluids that you need to check and change from time to time:
  • Engine oil ( Lubricant Oil )

  • Radiator coolant

  • Brake fluid

  • Power steering fluid

  • Transmission fluid

  • Differential fluid

  • Windshield washer fluid

Beside the oil & fluid change, please do remember to check also you filters, they are good ''partner'' who work together between each others. 
  • Fuel filter

  • Oil filter

  • Engine air filter

  • Cabin air filter

  • Transmission fluid filter

​We perform a variety of Car Oil Change Services,  contact us today to learn what we can do for your vehicle. 


What other Car Services we offer:

In C&C Autowork Service, we specialize in Auto Parts Supply & Repair Services, our workshop located in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. We trying to offer our best  services and supply quality spare parts to all our clients, no matter is Local Brands, Euro Brands, Japan Brands, or even any international brands cars.

We understand that there is nothing more important than the safety of our customers and their families member. As Our Slogan '' YOUR SAFETY, WE CARE ''

Therefore, We providing the highest quality of services and spare parts / products that recommended by our expert mechanics, with exceptional service provided by our highly-qualified and knowledgeable professionals who will provide an in-depth consultation and thorough inspection of your vehicle with services include:

  • Winscreen Wiper Replacement

  • Car Battery Replacement

  • Starting and Charging Repair

  • Brake System Repair / Brake Replacment Service

  • Engine Cooling System Maintenance & Repair

  • Gear Box Repair & Replacement

  • Computer Diagnostic Testing

  • Engine repair / overhaul

  • Steering and Suspension Repair

  • Oil Filter, Air Filter & Fuel Filter replacement

Want to Get Quality Car Repair or Maintenance Services ? 
CALL US now 
+6016-393 6083 or send your enquiry to us.


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Car Oil Change Services

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